Learn how to master your vibration and align with everything you want…

It’s a Spiritual thing!

Manifesting is a powerful spiritual practice.

Its an understanding and a connection within yourself that there are greater powers, truths, knowings and connections that affect how you live and how great your life experience should be.

It’s a Spiritual thing!

If you want to manifest more powerfully you must understand Manifesting is a spiritual practice, its not just about attracting things to you.

Imagine getting to place where you can literally think about what you want and all the componants come to you to make that happen!

To comprehend what manifesting truly is means an understanding that there is a much bigger picture, greater powers, truths, knowings and connections that effect how you live and how great your life experience should be.

manifesting is a spiritual journey

Manifesting is a Spiritual Journey,

Its not about being in denial, ignoring things or sitting on the coach expecting the universe to do all your work. Its a co-creative process that encourages you to tap into your full potential that is fuelled by your desires whilst releasing your fears.  

What does mastering manifesting properly give you;

 Divine connection and guidance to STEPS that change your circumstances with more ease & flow

The feeling of always being supported – you are never alone, you always have access to inner guidance, divine support and alignment

Knowing that everything is ALWAYS working out for you 


the secret to powerful manifesting

Start Inner connections & energy work towards desires

Remove resistances, find unique alignment path

Move into your desires and live in your designed reality



We have been using the same cookie cutter methods (gratitudes, beliefs, vision boards) to align for years and whilst they are powerful connection tools the truth is every person has more DIVINE ALIGNMENT PATHS to discover. This means more powerful alignment and faster manifestations. 


“I can’t recommend Lucy highly enough and she has been the most amazing coach to work with over the last few months! When I first spoke to her, my main concern was feeling confident and pretty enough to do Facebook lives etc, but as we delved deeper it was clear that I had lots of other limiting beliefs that I need to work on too. Throughout out our time together, Lucy has helped me to create the person I want to be, bust through a whole load of money blocks, change my lifestyle so that is in alignment with who I want to be, and more importantly she even managed to help me uncover my elusive passion!!

If you want to have a happy, passionate, fulfilled and purposeful life, I thoroughly recommend Lucy’s coaching program – it’s amazing.

Victoria D. Trense | Victoria De Trense Coaching

“With Lucy’s support and expertise, I have: Set up my business Facebook page (which I kept putting off before).

Built up my Facebook group members and opened it to the public rather than restricting it to a secret group (I was hiding behind it before)·  Held my first event public speaking sharing my story·  Come off my antidepressants (which I previously thought would never happen)·  My relationships are better with colleagues, family and friends·  My money mindset is on point ·  I am aware of my self-talk and I’m able to turn it around to positive · I have more trust in the Universe than ever before. 

The list goes on My heart if full of love and appreciation to Lucy her support and her amazing coaching program which has changed my life forever.

Jennifer Ritchie | Jennifer Joan Coaching

Working with Lucy has literally been life changing. I saw an advert for her Facebook group at a time when I had just gone through a bad breakup, was severely depressed and disillusioned with life. I had so many dreams but felt that they had been quashed by others cynicism and doubted my place in the world. I certainly didn’t believe that I could realise those dreams. I had little confidence and always did things for others out of feeling obliged to. At the age of 31, I’d just moved back in with my parents after a disastrous housing situation saw my rent triple in price. I was willing at that point to try anything and was drawn to Lucy because what she said in her posts and videos resonated with me. I reflect back now and know that the universe had orchestrated Lucy coming into my life at a time when I needed her to.

Dana Camm| Dana Camm Coaching

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