{The Gift of Lifestyle Design}

Manifesting is all about feeling great right now in whatever area you want to improve and then making it expand from there.

A freedom lifestyle is something that I always wanted, since school and every job I had I would continuously say things to myself like; “wouldn’t it be lovely to not have to go to school today” or “wouldn’t it be lovely to not have to go to work for someone else“ and in true Law of Attraction form at 33 I went in search myself and discovered the law of attraction which opened up an entirely new sense of purpose and I now have the luxury of the freedom of my own business and a passion so deep that it lights me up every – single – day. I can’t imagine a life with no passion in it so I feel blessed to be in this situation.

Following on from money lets talk employment/ work / entrepreneurship or being supported. Unless you are a trust fund baby or supported by a wealthy partner, the likelihood is you will have to earn a living in some way like I did.

Today’s practice is to fall in love with whatever situation you are in and it doesn’t matter if you have a full time 9-5, work part time, are receiving benefits or being supported by someone, if you want to expand into something from here you have to get happy where you are.

For today;

Expand– I want you to pick 10 reasons why you are grateful for your current situation, whatever it is and if you didn’t have X situation how bad would things be…. finish with thank you.

If you love your situation; Amazing, carry on with gratitude and others areas this week as its likely you are satisfied with this area so from this place pay rises and promotions occur. When you truly love what you do and you throw gratitude in it you become positive optimistic and more helpful and it’s those kind of people that get recognised and lifted up the ladder. If your promotion is something you want then imagine yourself being promoted when you’re doing your dream day journalling and how amazing it would feel to be a level up build that in.

If you don’t like your situation; Great! Knowing what You don’t want means is easy to find what you DO want- It will be the opposite. To find what you do want then, write a list of all the things that you don’t like about your current situation and the opposite with those will give you a list of things that you DO want. Tahdah! You then use this list to dream day journal about, “Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in a position like this……..”

After today’s practice you will be able to feel grateful for the current situation you’re in and also have a focus to start manifesting what you DO want. Throughout the day, and all day, go around feeling grateful for your current situation and also imagine a life in your new desired situation – **Remember “ my life is about to change to this new way of life, ‘I don’t know how, I don’t know when but my life is about to change…….

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