{The Gift of Health}

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have felt rundown and poorly and then something has triggered me to make me feel massively excited and as if by magic the feeling of being tired or unwell has completely left and I’ve been replaced with excitement and energy.

Its so common when we don’t feel well to analyse it and focus on it and what happens when we focus on something? it expands! In the secret you watch two powerful stories of a woman who reduced and cleared her breast cancer because she took her focus off of it and a man who crashed and had an aircraft accident and managed to walk again purely by changing their focus from what was wrong with them to feeling more positive powerful.

For today;


Write a gratitude list as long as you can for your how fabulous your body is. Your ability to breathe, walk, see, hear, taste, touch. Your heart, lungs and other major organs. Your ability to stand, sit and move. Your body is incredibly powerful, as is your mind, so today I want you to be fully grateful for all the things that ARE great and powerful about you.

What area of your health would you like to change? Write a list of how you would love to be more healthy in mind & body

Dream day journal yourself in the healthiest way possible today, what does health mean to you? how does that make you eat, feel, look like, wear, act and do? link this to your self image and your lifestyle design, how would your ideal persons health be and what would your lifestyle be like?

Do you treat your mind & body with respect? do you drink water, exercise, eat a nutritious diet, sleep well? How is your mental health? Do you work on yourself, your positivity and strengthen your mental muscles, mindfulness, have time for yourself?

Write an affirmation – I feel healthy right now and am grateful for my (pick top 3 things), I am working on my health mentally and physically and my life is going to change. All the right people and circumstances are coming to me to make me the healthiest person I can be and my health is expanding more and more each day.

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