{The Gift of Freedom}

People have been campaigning and fighting for their freedom since time began. Freedom is a natural desire and birthright but modern day society can get you swallowed up into thinking you have no freedom and time. Plus, in the downtimes you have are you using it properly or scrolling social media etc? You will have way more time than you think you have I bet.

Everyone needs to be responsible for managing their own time and what they do with it. I don’t doubt that as women you have lots of things going on but at the end of the day YOU are the only one who can take charge of it.

You will have more opportunities to create time for yourself then you can see and you are probably not grateful in the moments that you do have for yourself to enjoy it.

If you are running around every day saying how busy you are, talking busy, acting busy and focusing on having no time, Then what do you think happens?… yup, that expands and all you get is more stuff that makes you feel busier and take up more of your time.

Today’s practice is to get you to focus on the time that you DO have for yourself and to learn how to prioritise making this time and to get you to understand that if you want more time and freedom how to get it.

For today;

Write out 10 or more times in the day where you are grateful for your time – the aim here is to see where you take time you have for granted and start to recognise it.

Plan your week – book in YOU TIME. Plan if you will get up earlier, go to bed earlier, read a book on your lunch or listen to something on your commute, have long baths, go for a walk, book in a spa day, plan a day off where everyone else mucks in…

Where can you free up more time?- Online food shopping has been amazing for me. Maybe its time to go part time, or get a job closer to home, or ask for more help.

Dream Journal on all the freedom you want – today, write about what a ‘freedom lifestyle’ and freedom itself means to you. If money was no object how would you spend your free time?

Use your affirmation – My life is about to change, I have so much more time coming to me and I am so grateful for all the freedom I have to work on myself which benefits my entire family and friends. I have so much time and freedom I love it and my entire life is about to change.

** Addition- Take a social media break. When you have YOU time make a NO PHONE rule. How often do you grab your phone to scroll on social media when you have a second to yourself? Whatever is going on on social media is nowhere near as important as something you could be saying to yourself like an affirmation or looking at your vision board or listening to a podcast or journalling. You will be surprised how much social media drains your mindset and saps up all your time.

Lifestyle club Members – Go to TOOLS and watch the fabulous meditation masterclass to see how you can free your mind whilst doing the most simplest of things. Also going to the PLANNING section and download a time template and start to plan next week properly with time for yourself in it.

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