The Magic of Momentum – Again.

{The Gift of momentum}

“ MOMENTUM – the force or speed of an object in motion, or the increase in the rate of development of a process”

One of the biggest things I get asked is ‘how do you stay consistent and in momentum’ – My answer is usually, how badly do you want change? So, as we did on day 7 we are doing again now as reflection is KEY in spiritual growth.


Momentum truly is a universal gift because the more energy you put into something the more it gives you back by going faster and increasing and we can ride on a wave of momentum. We associate momentum with moving vehicles, trains, cars, planes and bikes but everything has the ability to start from nothing and with consistent energy applied, increase… like your dreams and your new life. The more focus and energy towards what you wants means change, babe! (Warning; momentum can go down as well as up if you aren’t guiding your thoughts the right direction).

We want to get you want you want, so As Abraham Hicks say ‘a consistent formula gives you consistent results. The longer your thoughts stay strong the stronger they become’.

You want to live a life of ease and flow, right? a positive Law of Attraction lifestyle is where you get into such alignment with the things that you desire that you are in a constant state of manifesting all the people, opportunities, situations and circumstances that take you to your desires so you continually up-level your life. You get to a place where even the bad things that happen must be for the greater good.

Everything you have learned over the past six days are the practices to put you IN momentum towards what you WANT. (Warning – IF you haven’t been DOING the practices only reading and listening to them, then you won’t have started any momentum, you just feel inspired and have gained some knowledge but you haven’t shot out any of your own vibes by reading and listening to me, thats why reading books and watching webinars don’t change your circumstances).

The Emotional Guidance Scale shows your energy levels and each of the practices I have given you focus you on 1- that things are about to change, 2 – on the things you want and 3- put you in powerful momentum towards the things you want.

These processes take you from 6 right up to 1 (Hopefulness, optimism, positive expectations, beliefs, enthusiasm, passion, joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love and appreciation). 

Today, I want you to check-in with yourself, be real.. don’t move onto next week until you have a momentum going with these. We have Q&A’s weekly in the FB group so you can ask my help if you need it. If you have reached this point and have been doing them you should be feeling mainly exited and high vibe. So, today is a day to run over all the processes and let them sink in. Be aware throughout the day and super proud of yourself.

This week we looked at how you use the law of attraction to change major areas of your life. You use the tools from week one which put you in the creative process to expand on each of the topics below;


Lifestyle Design

Self Love

Love/ Romance


Freedom/ Lifestyle

You have been using all the powerful tools below and should be getting into a routine with them all, Working out how to best fit them into your life, How are you like to use them and starting to see the results coming through for your manifestations.

Your daily affirmation (my life is about to change) puts you feeling/ emotionally in a place to expect positive change, be on a high vibe of energy. It brings your awareness back to expect change.

Daily Gratitude – Gives you Immediate Magic and opens up a world that is already amazing right under your nose. It gives you the ability to flip to a better feeling place when you dip. Its super powerful and #1 on the scale. It brings your awareness back.

Dream Day Journalling – Uses your imagination, connects you to yourself and directly on what you want which in itself grows. It focuses you, sets out rockets of desires puts you in Virtual Reality and grounds you and with continued FOCUS, this is huge momentum.

Emotional Guidance Scale – Shows you your power levels towards your desires and how you are generally.

Awareness – no more wanting one thing but focusing on the opposite, be more in control of your life

Decluttering – Getting high energy just by ‘being’ in a space you love and making room for new things.

look, life feels hard sometimes because things like;

Summary week 2

– Some of you will religiously have stuck to it, some of you will have some days on and some days off and some of you sadly will have given up. Spiritual growth (which is what manifesting and the LOA is) isn’t about being 100% consistent, disciplined and finding it hard, this isn’t the army babe, but if you want something you realise an element of encouragement is needed to push yourself on. It’s more about if you fall off the wagon hop right back on, don’t stay on the road. Its about learning to understand yourself, what your resistances are, what your self-sabotaging patterns are and it’s about being more excited to discover your dreams than look what’s holding you back. This week you have understood the power of

For today;

(Coach time)

  • In your journal write out if you have or haven’t stuck to these practices and why?

  • Which ones have you loved / what do you still need to work on more?

  • What have you realised, has changed or has been an area of growth for you since doing these practices?

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