Clarity & Building

{The Gift of Clarity}

If you aren’t clear on what you want and where your going it’s the same as sitting in the car with the engine on not going anywhere..

So, there is a method to all this magical madness you know…

Week one- was about practices

Week two- was about looking at expanding all the main areas of your life

Week three- is about getting clear and building those dreams

Now repetition and clarity is KEY. Part of co-creating is consistently focusing on what you want and getting into the habit of looking more towards what you want than what you have or in the past.

There will be a point where you will be in-between the two worlds of your current place and your future, the tipping point comes depending on how consistently you are thinking about your future, taking the right action steps and making the right decisions to enable this to happen.

For today;

Write the main areas of your life down; Money, Lifestyle Design, Self Love, Love/ Romance, Health, Freedom/ Lifestyle

Reflect- Earlier in the week you numbered how happy you are in each area, now have a look and see if you feel more grateful after the expansion week.

What excites you the most is what to focus on – Pick 2 areas that most ‘EXCITE’ you to work on to practice being able to differentiate what you feel you should work on to what you want to work on.

Build clarity – On each area above I want you to write a paragraph on how you would love each area of your life to be. This can be something in the next few years, the future or an absolute dream world, whatever you feel most excited to write about. The purpose of writing statements like this is to;

1- Be present with yourself

2- Tap into your imagination, aka, being IN the creative process and setting off rockets of desire

3- Telling your mind what your working towards now

4- To build your own clarity and which will help us move on for the rest of the week.

As always, be grateful and add in your affirmation. You have been dream day’ing doing the task above but if you want to pick one of your top areas to DDJ on today then GO FOR IT. The more you do this the better.

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