Your Senses

{The Gift of Senses}

In the aim of gaining clarity is that we want to a) encourage our imagination and use the creative process and b) create a blueprint in our subconscious mind, so then mentally and spiritually everything is on the same page. #winning

It’s not just the imagination we have to work with, we repeat loads so our mind gets the hint then magical things start to happen like our instinct, perception and intuition gets involved and then we’re really changing our reality.

The more real and the more connected we are to our dreams the more powerful they become and the faster they appear. Remember what we focus on grows.

When you invest in a creative activity that keeps you in virtual reality of your dream that’s even more time spent shooting out rockets of desire and making blueprints for your mind.

Here are two other super powerful processes to ramp things up and make sure you do them BOTH. Listening to me tell you about them does zilch for you, the power only comes when YOU physically DO THEM.

For today;

Create a Vision board on Pinterest. It’s a free image app. You can either create different boards for each subject or one big board with it all on. Fall in love with your images and be super exited tot look at at this board/s.

Make recordings of your phone – You can’t listen to anything thats more powerful than your own voice describing your experience in virtual reality. 1) use EMOTION – no boring monotones 2) Bring in your senses.

Lifestyle club Members – Go to TOOLS and watch the Masterclass on Vision boarding.

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