The Gift of Inspiration & Inspired Action

{The Gift of Inspiration}

We co-create with the law of attraction and we live in a physical world where things need to be actioned by us to bring them into reality. Range Rovers aren’t shooting out of dealerships where everyone is adding them to vision boards, people are poofing off into mid air to the Maldives, life would be absolute carnage if it worked like that.

There is an entire universal law completely designed to bring people everything they want but in an orderly manner – Hello the law of attraction.

Aligned action, inspiration, aligned leaping, leaps of faith are all spiritual ways of helping YOU move and make decisions based on the rockets of desires you are shooting and the blueprints you are writing.

We are literally built by design to have everything we want.

Are you focusing on what makes you happy, have you removed stresses, are you working on yourself, are you actually using the creative process of visualising, are you expecting what you desire or resisting it?…

TRUTH BOMB; You will constantly be being sent amazing opportunities to act on and also ideas and inspirations of things that will change your life BUT you are likely constantly talking yourself out of and or not taking those opportunities and so just remain where you are.

Today’s gift is understanding to go for those things and not push them away.

Aligned leaping, taking inspired action is based on an ‘inner knowing’ of alignment that comes from focusing on your self image, money consciousness, your passions and the lifestyle you want to live. The more consistently you have been going over your self image and your lifestyle desires you will be in receiving more lightbulb ideas, impulses and action steps of leap of faith to take you to what you want – your job is to ACT on them.

For today;

Look over areas of your life where you already FEEL called to make a leap of faith – Are you called to do something or end something that you really want too? what? and imagine IF you did, what BENEFITS would that give you?

Practice acting on impulses. Start small maybe it could be to join a yoga class, or to go and get a coffee, or to give someone a ring.  Don’t do it to get a specific reason from it just start to see how life of ease and flow feels when you start doing what you feel inspired to do without talking yourself out of it.

Expand on your inspirations – Start talking yourself INTO things and not out of them. If you get inspiration for a business or an idea or to do something rather than talk yourself out of it I want you to talk yourself into it and in your journal start writing about how amazing it would be if you DID do it. Getting used to this will be so much more beneficial to your progression.

Make sure you have read my story in the file section of Stop Faking It – You will see all of those leaps of faith that I made that were blind at the time but took me to everything I have ever wanted. Thats evidence 🙂

Write your affirmation; “My life is about to change I take action on my instinct impulses and inspirations and I trust that leaps of faith that need to be made will take me in the right direction because my life is about to change”….

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