Decision Making

{The Gift of Free Will}

We all have the right to choose, we all have our own free which which is usually based on how we see the world through our own version. This is why the visions you are creating in your mind are so important. This is also why you can’t manifest for other people or control anyone as everyone has their own free will to choose based on what they want, think they want or should have.

For those of you who didn’t know what you wanted before you started this calendar you should now be getting clearer and clearer.

The more you focus on what you want the easier decisions become and the less likely you are to get in your own way.

You more you feel excitement towards what you want the less resistance (and self sabotage) happens, so you stay in a healthy momentum of moving forwards and clear.

For today;

Look at any times over this past 20 days that you have felt you let yourself down. Rather than focus on this too much, instead I want you to think about how you can make those things more exciting so that you stick to them.

How could you feel more energetic about the things that you desire to avoid resistance (self sabotage/ bad decisions )

Roll the tape forward on decisions you need to make and practice talking yourself into things more than out of them. Use your self-image and lifestyle desires/ statements to see if they align or generally if some decisions feel better than others, even if they don’t seem logical.

Make todays DDJ, gratitudes and affirmations on how great it is now that you make incredible decisions

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