{The Gift of Spirituality}

You are a spiritual being in a physical body. You are a physical body having a spiritual experience.

Only 3-5% of the worlds population are aware of this which is why society is so oblivious to it all. We can’t all awaken at once to this, thats not how evolution works but can you feel more and more people discovering this way of life and starting to see the bigger picture of reality behind society?

Learning this way of life requires a level of desire to commit to this and its such a mahoosive learning curve.

We all crave ‘self discovery’, our soul/spirit, inner self wants you to find yourself. It’s all your dreams and desires, is opening the lines of communication to yourself, it’s learning how to live a full-filling life of ease and flow.

How often to you hear people say ‘i need to find myself’, I need to find what I really want’, well sugar, this is it! this IS the answer to those questions, YOU are the answers to those questions, its an INSIDE JOB and its freaking awesome.

This way of life is less about what you DO and more how you BE. It’s how you FEEL, its learning to listen to YOURSELF for the answers and starting to listen and behave in alignment to yourself so you start to become and create a lifestyle you LOVE.

YOU have all the answers to everything you need to know to get what you want, the role is to LEARN that.

Week 4

Well, its day 23 out of 25 so we have 3 days before this calendar is ending.

You have learn’t A LOT over these days at quite a busy time of year. Some of these practices have taken me years to master and embrace but this journey is all about learning and finding your own way . This isn’t ‘muggle’ education where you constantly keep cramming in new information and move on, spiritual learning is always looking at your growth and desires to up-level.

For today;

(Coach time)

As I said you have learnt A LOT of practices over the past 23 days, its too fast to have taken it all in, applied it, grown from it and manifested everything. I wanted you to understand there will be things you loved, applied and received great insight to get change from but please also understand this was a snapshot, truly learning and applying this is spiritual growth and takes time. I wanted to show you how you are built by design to have everything you want but you can’t change your entire self and life in 25 days.

That said I want you expand on these areas to make them more powerful.

‘Learning’ in itself is addictive, which is why so many of you look for answers outside of yourself, always downloading freebies, buying books and watching you tube but things won’t change that way. Spiritual Change is an INSIDE job, it’s MASTERING and APPLYING what you learn’t and its how you BE that is the point.

For today I want you to look at ALL the things you have learn’t below and expand on how you grew, or want to grow, as a result of knowing these.

So, next to each one write down what insight, learning, inner guidance this brought into your life… YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!

Week 1

This week we looked at the HOW you start to move and change your circumstances.

Your daily affirmation (my life is about to change) puts you feeling/ emotionally in a place to expect positive change, be on a high vibe of energy. It brings your awareness back to expect change.

Daily Gratitude – Gives you Immediate Magic and opens up a world that is already amazing right under your nose. It gives you the ability to flip to a better feeling place when you dip. Its super powerful and #1 on the scale. It brings your awareness back.

Dream Day Journalling – Uses your imagination, connects you to yourself and directly on what you want which in itself grows. It focuses you, sets out rockets of desires puts you in Virtual Reality and grounds you and with continued FOCUS, this is huge momentum.

Emotional Guidance Scale – Shows you your power levels towards your desires and how you are generally.

Awareness – no more wanting one thing but focusing on the opposite, be more in control of your life

Decluttering – Getting high energy just by ‘being’ in a space you love and making room for new things.

Week 2

This week we looked at how you use the law of attraction to change major areas of your life. You use the tools from week one which put you in the creative process to expand on each of the topics below;


Lifestyle Design

Self Love

Love/ Romance


Freedom/ Lifestyle

Week 3

This week we looked at how the building and changes of your circumstances happens;

Monday, Building & Clarity on all areas of you life.

Tuesday, The Tools – Vision boards & recordings to keep your desires present

Wednesday, What type of manifester are you? Learn your manifesting formula

Thursday, Taking leaps of faith and Inspired action to MOVE you into co-creating your life 

Friday, The power of Decision Making and having your own free will to make choices

Saturday, Intention setting and having a clear picture of how you want the rest of 2020 to be

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