{The Gift of Forgiveness}

We don’t want to take old angers and hurt on this journey with us do we. So as we go into the final days of the calendar it seems fitting to clear our energy (like a spring clean of the soul) and truly step the rest of the year feeling spiritually and emotionally clean.

Have you heard of the Hawaiian prayer? – Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer used for healing, transformation and increased inner-peace and self-love. It’s a simple yet powerful way to bring healing and forgiveness into your life stream.
These words and their order vary a little depending what you read but I found this worked for me from the book – Get Rich Lucky Bitch. 

I found forgiveness work HUGE in dealing with mental blocks, especially as sometimes I would say affirmations but had such a deep rooted belief I wasn’t good enough, I found them harder, this changed everything for me and to this day I don’t completely understand why. I simply say them in relation to anything I needed to let go off and I really talk TO myself as I say it.

The BASICS of forgiveness works by identifying what you’re holding onto as anger or upset and then saying the words above to yourself, with feeling. 

Don’t under estimate it, I didn’t get any huge waves of relief but the following days magic started to happen in my life and business, honestly!

Todays work

  • Reflect over this year;

  • Look at what wish did differently, what bad memories and energy do you want to leave behind – write a list

  • Forgive yourself for those things by writing or saying the magic words.

  • List 3-5 things you going to do next year to continue to work on yourself, have a plan, a gift for yourself to carry this and list them out as an intention.

For those of you in the club you can head over to the TOOLS section and read the entire forgiveness exercise and download the PDF.

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