The Emotional Guidance Scale

{The Gift of Feeling}

Game Changing. You have a Manifesting Power Gauge, did you know that?

Your feelings and emotions show you your manifesting power levels and where you are mentally. I learn’t this scale from my favourite teachers, Abraham Hicks and its changed everything for me.

Look at this scale, where on the scale are you feeling right now? Think about your life, what emotional number are you?

See – how powerful is it to have a visual understanding of where you are mentally and emotionally. You call also see whats up and below you so you can MOVE you vibe and me more in control of it.

The most powerful place you can be to manifest is 1-6. When you are feeling these emotions you are a Manifesting Magnet. You are in full Law of Attraction receiving mode to Inner Guidance, ideas, inspirations, impulses and everything that is designed to take you to what you want.

Sadly, most people live their life around number 7 – contentment and below but this magical calendar will help you see where you are so you can move up.

For today;

Take a screen shot of this on your phone.

Set 3 alarms on your phone 9am, 12pm 10pm and check how magical you are on the scale.

Make a note in your phone or in your journal & track this each day for the 25 days.

Carry on dream day journaling and pick a new scenario that uses your imagination and lights you up!

The Magic here, is

1- Awareness of yourself

2- Noting what lowers your energy

3- Learning how to take yourself from a 8 or below to a 7 and above. (Dream day writing will increase your energy and feeling to 6 and above, thats the magic of it).

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You have a Masterclass bundle on The Creative Process & Energy which is full details on The Emotional Guidance Scale, it explains all about how your energy manifests your desires. Go to the PROGRAMS section and select the image below.

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