{The Gift of Awareness}

Mastering the art of manifesting isn’t just about learning how to get what you want, it’s understanding why are you keep getting the things that you don’t freaking want. To do that you need to be aware of yourself. So, what’s a girl to do?

The universe doesn’t like mixed signals but you give them ALL the time! Allow me to explain….

If you are wanting to manifest more money but are focusing on how skint you are.. babe your focus is on SKINT.

Feeling wise, if you are wanting to manifest more money but are feeling frustrated, worried, doubtful and powerless about your money, then girl, thats 10-22 DOWNward on the emotional scale. You want to be feeling UP on the topic so in hope, optimism, excitement, positivity & gratitude to manifest it.

If desire more money but your language is moaning about being skint all day, what you can’t afford, how expensive everything is and feeling lack, you’re putting out more bad vibes on the DOWNward scale babe. From now on I want you to completely REMOVE the phrase ‘I cant afford it’? replace it with ‘maybe another day’ or something more UP, hopeful and optimistic – (more on this to come).

Do an aware check using the above sentences, for anything you desire switch where I have added money to what you want and play around with how you usually think, feel and talk about what you want!

For today;

Awareness; Get a band on your wrist that stings when you ping it, whenever you hear yourself moan about something you want, or feel bad about it, PING THE DAMN BAND and switch it up with something positive instead.

Write your affirmation; My life is about to change… power it up by adding a desire in it.

Dream day journal, pick todays subject and all day be aware of how you focus, feel and talk about it and PING THE DAMN BAND if you catch yourself vibing the wrong end of it.

Carry on scoring your emotional pattern

Write out 5 gratitudes.

NOTE – Can you see how all the practices are linking together?.. Don’t worry you won’t end up with a huge list, lol.

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