Expanding Where You Are

{The Gift of Expansion }

What you focus on expands. – Good or bad.

Manifesting is always about feeling great about what you want and focusing on them as much as you can


Manifesting is NOT being in denial, burying your head in the sand and expecting everything to be done for you. You have to take accountability, responsibility and make decisions. It’s a 50-50 co-creation game, honey.

For things to expand in the direction of what you want sometimes you are required to clear some space and make some decisions, once you have cleared up that energy, even just by taking action steps towards it, you are then in a better feeling place to start applying gratitude and things will start to EXPAND for the better.

This week we are going to concentrate on expanding and getting positive energy into all the major areas of your life. If you do this properly huge shift will start to appear. We are going to be using gratitude and appreciation both of which are at the top of the emotional guidance scale to make your money, relationships, health, self-love and lifestyle better.

You have to feel grateful and in love and appreciation for whatever it is that you are want, NOW, and to do that sometimes you need to clear up some shit around it to release bad energy to enable you to feel better about it.

For today;

  • In your journal write down the following headings and then write how satisfied you are from 1 to 10 in each area (10 being completely satisfied).

  • Career

  • Family & friends

  • Significant other/ romance

  • Fun/ recreation

  • Health

  • Money

  • Personal Growth

  • Physical Environment

  • Next, I want you to write a summary of how in a dream world you would love this area of your life to be (this is the same as Dream Day Journaling)

  • Affirmation – My life is about to change

  • 5 things to grateful for and why

  • Then throughout the day, stay in virtual reality and image if you didn’t have work, if you had money flow, if you had love etc. Take this with you all day and imagine ‘wouldn’t it be lovely if’…

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