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Expand incredible love within your life

For today

If you are already in a marriage or relationship you want to stay in, let’s expand that. Write 10 reasons you love this person, are grateful for them and why! Today, all day I want you to focus on this, even tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

If you need to walk away from a relationship then just know you will find the strength, you will find happiness again and the right support network will happen to help you. Perhaps a beautiful self love journey will follow to empower you. Fall in love with the new life you are about to receive for making this decision. (Seek professional help if you need it).

If you are single I want you to have a list of all the things that you would absolutely love and adore in a partner. Think about your desired future, the lifestyle you want and make sure your list captures that.   Looks, behaviour, beliefs, current life wants (commitment levels etc), habits (drink, smoke), family commitments (step kids), location, dress, morals, values, availability, mental state..

For all of you, Today, all day, I want you to look out for signs of LOVE everywhere, happy couples blossoming romance, people holding hands and even love between friendships and family.  When you focus on love and you look for love you will find love. Put a love film on, tell everyone you love them, dish out some hugs and smiles… FEEL your heart glow warm.

Believe in love & EXPECT that its on it way to you

Be grateful for all the love you currently have.

‘I LOVE YOU,  Just the way you are’

-Mr Darcey – Bridget Jones

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