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MOMENTUM - the force or speed of an object in motion, or the increase in the rate of development of a process.

One of the biggest things I get asked is ‘how do you stay consistent and in momentum’ - My answer is usually, how badly do you want to change?

We associate momentum with moving vehicles, trains, cars, planes and bikes but everything has the ability to start from nothing and with consistent energy applied, increase… like your dreams and your new life.

(Warning; momentum can go down as well as up if you aren’t guiding your thoughts in the right direction).

We want to get you what you want, so as Abraham Hicks says ‘a consistent formula gives you consistent results. The longer your thoughts stay strong the stronger they become.

For today

Congratulations! It’s the end of week 1.

You have experienced a number of magical practises this week and learned a lot. It’s time for reflection on YOURSELF and what you loved. Write a summary of;

A- what has really stood out for you this week? (what practises were a game changer) 

B- what you have learnt/noticed about yourself? (our routine, your energy, your motivation, your drive & focus) 

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