Knowing what you want, having dreams, plans and desires for your future that light you up like a beacon is EVERYTHING. It makes life exciting, it gives you excitement, it makes you evolve and grow spiritually, mentally and physically and is the purpose of the soul… to expand. Not knowing what you want in life is like sitting in a car with the engine running but going nowhere year by year, which is what most of society does sadly but not you anymore.

So, off the bat it’s really important to know ‘what type of manifester’ (or getter) you are so you are working with alignment and not in resistance.  

Knowing this will also help you plan for your future in a way that feels good. For me personally I am a process manifester so breaking down goals into deadlines and heavily planning makes me go into major resistance therefore I have to set intentions to keep my energy and alignment in check. There is no right and wrong only learning what works for you. Do the check below and see what type you are and then you can help yourself work for your dreams by using the intention setting Masterclass or Goal Setting Masterclass below.

If you are a Process Manifester, you will likely prefer Intention setting, if you are an Outcome Manifester you will likely prefer goal setting.

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