How to find your purpose/



This is without doubt, one of the most common questions I get asked that people are craving the answer to. Having a sense of purpose and passion is HUGE, it’s the foundation to ‘there must be more to life than this’….

It makes you buzz for life, being excited that year on year things get better and better.

It’s not a case of looking outside to ‘find’ this passion/purpose but AB-SO-LU-TE-LY a case of looking within yourself, as with almost everything that I will show you.

Watch the video and do the workbook to open yourself up.

This is a very powerful process take your time, set the scene, plan and prioritise when you will do this. Sometimes, a topic like this can take a few goes to blow the inner cobwebs away and go deep enough to get your answers. Go into this open minded not fully expecting to nail it immediately, this is a big topic and spiritual learning is an inside job so it comes from you when it’s ready and the intent, questions and encouragement from these questions will help dramatically. With a topic like this, it usually needs to GROW, so depending what comes up be prepared to water it…

Also, post in the FB group on what you find. Super huge dreams and passions can be laughed at by loving muggles (they don’t realise bless them) and in this early stage this can have a negative impact and kill your dream before it even started which is why we are all here to support, encourage and motivate one-another.


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