This Intention Setting Workshop is designed to ‘Activate’ the magic we love so much in manifesting.

Listen hun, if you don’t know what you want in life, it’s like sitting in a car with the engine running not going anywhere.

It’s the same when we feel disconnected from our dreams because ‘muggle’ life takes over and we feel stuck.  

Either way, this workshop is designed to get the magic back and turn on that creative process.   

This was done for the Members in my Manifesting Membership when I was on a spa day (my typical office these days) so excuse the hooters being out! Hah. I decided it was such a good session that I would put it out to everyone. (Membership details are on my website )

Here’s the thing, I’m not your average coach or person, I live a wonderfully free and luxury life now because I realised that was an actual option, (who fu*king knew), so I urge you to really invite in what truly makes your heart sing each time you do this workshop, but don’t worry, I help you on the guidance front inside this workshop.  

You can come back to this workbook and workshop whenever you want your connection back and to spark clarity.

Whats inside?

-Discover your desires across multiple timelines; The present, the near future or somewhere in the future.  The momentum will start somewhere so you can even remove time altogether if that feels better.

-What is it to set powerful intentions

-How to feel Inner Guidance

-Look over how an entire Life is made up and start to connect into your own Desires

-Create or manifest your next steps

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