Everything you need in one place!

This is the next step from my free Intention Setting Workshop (also in kit).

This Kit activates powerful Inner Guidance awakening what you truly want, it takes you on a manifesting journey and beyond EACH time you use it.

It was my intention to give you something you can use over and over again whenever you want to re-connect, get in motion and drive you forward.

Across my communities I always hear,

‘I don’t know what I want’

‘I don’t know where to start’

‘How do I stay consistent’

‘How do I know it’s working’


‘I don’t have enough time’

This Kit is the antedote for all that.

Expect to;

Get re-connected into alignment and in momentum

Discover WHAT you truly want with passion and clarity now and in the future

Learn how to Master your vibrational energy and emotions

Determine if you are attracting or resisting your desires

Expand time, find your freedom and create precious ‘me time’

ACTIVATE the creative process

Inside this Kit

A video tutorial on how to maximise each part of this kit.

Manifesting Cycle

Manifesting is a Spiritual practice and for those who want to get deep inner transformation, knowledge and reshape their future this highlights the components that make up this incredible process.


Expand time with this powerful calendar. Watch the video to understand its many powerful uses.


Life Wheels

So simple yet so effective. These maximise your overall life experience by highlighting key areas of your life often overlooked. These babies get you to look at the whole freaking setup of a balanced lifestyle and as everything interlocks, you will get a deeper sense of fullfilment with these.

Reveal what comes up for you and activate the creative process.

Emotional Guidance

Sooo underestimated but a HUGE tool to simplify EVERYTHING! This in itself was the biggest game changer for me, so it had to  go into the kit.

Find your Manifesting Sweet Spot

Understand what being connected to desire feels like, how to beat impatience, fear and worry on your wants. This little feature will give you so much peace yet massive alignment which means faster manifestations.

Knowing WHAT you want is everything and receiving guidance on how that happens is a big f’ing deal.

This is a live workshop I did for my Manifesting Membership Members, (live from a spa, because you know, im the freedom lifestyle coach and why the F not) and it takes you through the entire process of activating guidance on what you want. 

One of my spiritual abilities is to activate guidance within you, so expect to go deeper into your desires than before and hopefully get some powerful breakthroughs. It comes with a workbook to focus and expand you.  

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