Todays Magic;

A Manifesting Environment


What if you could create a space that aligned you just by stepping in it?

How would it feel to be surrounded my positivity?

Imagine waking up and immediately feeling excited for your day

Image making room for all the new things are about to come into your life because you trust its coming?…

Todays Magical Practice is about making your environment a manifesting playground to ramp up your desires

For today;

Get an area of your environment tidy and decluttered. Prioritise your ‘manifesting area’ first 🙂

Clear out your social media. BE STRICT. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t make your heart sing, add people/ things that inspire and excite you.

Get rid of anything old that holds ‘bad energy, memories’. Either throw, give away or sell to MAKE WAY FOR NEW.

Change some furnature around, more ornaments, pictures to make a visual change that signifies BIG change is coming into your life.


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