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“There must be more to life than this”….

My manifesting magic program. When you are ready to up-level your life and consistently learn how to get everything you desire, this is for you.



Working with Lucy has literally been life changing. I saw an advert for her Facebook group at a time when I had just gone through a bad breakup, was severely depressed and disillusioned with life. I had so many dreams but felt that they had been quashed by others cynicism and doubted my place in the world. I certainly didn’t believe that I could realise those dreams. I had little confidence and always did things for others out of feeling obliged to. At the age of 31, I’d just moved back in with my parents after a disastrous housing situation saw my rent triple in price. I was willing at that point to try anything and was drawn to Lucy because what she said in her posts and videos resonated with me. I reflect back now and know that the universe had orchestrated Lucy coming into my life at a time when I needed her to.

I did not hesitate to work with Lucy on the 4 Month 1:1 Program because I was desperate for change. I would try anything. And my god am I glad I did! Within a few months Lucy helped me find my purpose and I created my own coaching business from scratch, with absolutely no business knowledge at all. I hired an accountant, moved from my parents and bought a three-bedroom house on my own with no financial help. And then came the car of my dreams, one I had wanted for years! I travelled all over the world last year with a new, amazing circle of friends and developed the social life I had always desired. I also manifested a new relationship and although we’re just 5 months in, my boyfriend checks all of the qualities I had wanted in a man (and more!) Ironically, I loved being single because for the first time I was focusing on myself and self-development so he came at a time when I wasn’t even looking.

I had my first ideal client pay with no quibbling and reinvested this into my business, hiring a VA and enrolling onto a business course. I now support other women going through difficult breakups after being in a toxic relationship and love how Lucy encouraged me to turn my story and negative experiences into good, that are now reaching and empowering other women to positively change their circumstances. I have had amazing reviews from my client as working with Lucy has had a huge ripple effect on the lives that I now touch.

My confidence has sky rocketed as I am embodying the person I want to become. I have already had to change my goals and vision board as I have up leveled so much! Perhaps the most profound experience is that I have reached a state of happiness I have never felt before even at my most excited. Every day I feel blessed and it is having a knock-on effect on those around me. I constantly feel excited for my future and have a firm belief that I will achieve my dreams; I only have to look back on how far I have come already.

I honestly cannot express enough how investing in yourself will change your life. Lucy has an ability to draw your purpose out of you and give your life meaning. The program is challenging at times as you are effectively changing and developing and doing away with limiting beliefs but it is so positive and fun – I absolutely loved it. If I didn’t work with Lucy it is doubtful that I would even have a business. I’d still be at the mercy of someone else dictating my worth and placing a (low) value on what I can earn. I would still be living with self-doubt and I don’t think I would have upscaled my life as rapidly as I have. In all likelihood, I would still be coasting, a passenger in my own life. Whilst the free content is fantastic you kind of reach a wall with it. Investing in yourself does something psychologically and you start to believe that you ARE worthy. You cannot put a value on your own happiness and quality of life. For what I have achieved through working with Lucy, I would honestly pay tenfold the investment I made. All you need is the realisation that there IS more to life and a willingness to go get it! You really can live your life with intent and design the life of your dreams. We are architects in our own lives, Lucy supplies you with the tools. 

Dana Camm

Here’s why I do this work…

Firstly because I freaking love it and it’s bloody hard on your own! I started this business because ‘YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW SIMPLE AND AMAZING CREATING A LIFESTYLE IS. I knew you were looking for answers in countless books, facebook groups and You Tube vids but it’s overwhelming, inconsistent and nothing gives step by step transformation.

I’ve studied lifestyle creation, the human psyche, mindset, law of attraction, manifesting money and successful people in depth for over 10 years now and completely turned myself and life around, so I know how fab and simple it can be when done properly. Although it’s not easy, lets get that right.

I went from being 33, single, skint, in massive debt and hefty spending habits, a job that bored me to tears, with major insecurities and zero passion for anything, to finding out exactly what I wanted, I got the absolute love of my life, cleared my debts, put thousands in the bank and set up a lifestyle business that lets me live exactly how I want. I quickly became a confident, buzzing chick whose in control of her shit and hell bent on living amazingly – not bad, right?

I found the solution to the BS society has us think is real and packaged up all my ridiculously life changing knowledge and experience into my coaching programs. I’ve learnt from some of the best, high profile teachers, had my own coaches and spent thousands on understanding and applying the steps and best of all, this this gets passed to my girls – why? because there really is more to life, i’ve found it, now and want to share it all with you!





From my experience in changing not only my own life, the clients I work with and women in my global community, the biggest and fastest changes happen when you combine 3 major areas;

The Law of Attraction

Spiritual (inner) Connection

and Mindset

It’s also my experience that to be truly on the path to having everything you want, you need 4 main foundations;


Passion/ Purpose


and Lifestyle


Who are you deep down and who would you LOVE to be?

When have you actually looked at yourself on a deeper level?

We work on your self-image, your confidence, your inner connection, happiness and your self-worth, so you fall in love and respect yourself completely, its self discovery and reinvention baby!

We work on uncovering your blocks, the deep rooted blocks ruining your manifesting, energy and progress that you probably aren’t even aware of.

We find you spiritually. Learn to listen to yourself and have rock solid intuition that you can rely to take you to everything you want. YOU have the answers and the guidance to your wildest dreams, you just have to learn to listen.

Passion & Purpose

You are born with a true purpose and passion that gives complete meaning to your life.

A lot of women I speak to are so lost they don’t even have any hobbies or interests these days, let alone know their life purpose, so our mission is to find what truly lights you up inside.

You either know what you’re passionate about and deepen it, or we have to discover them, it’s such an incredible journey.

We uncover what REALLY lights you up and what you love with such clarity you know exactly where you’re going and feel buzzed and aligned with your life.


How do you want to live? how do you want to spend your days? What does lifestyle even mean to you? Who do you want in it?

We are here to LIVE and enjoy the best of everything the world has to offer, you have to embrace that. You can create your own reality and lifestyle, so we find out what that means to you so you can see it, feel it and ultimately live it.

You should be spending your days doing what you love and being able to live life fully.

Sometimes we think we want success but secretly fear it. Or we believe unconsciously we have to work hard for it which doesn’t excite us at all, the trick is to find what lights YOU up inside so you can create a life you love.


Hello, you cant have the lifestyle of your dreams, confidence and passion with no money honey!

We transform your money energy. Money isn’t actually usually your goal or motivator, you just think it is, yet you can’t live freely when you’re skint, right?

Lack of money is usually related to your beliefs about yourself, your ability to earn it, self image and lack of knowing your big purpose. We have to remove blocks, uncover old money stories, habits and get you excited and buzzing about cashola and get the energy moving to you.

You’ll fall happily in love with money, you’ll make money work for you, you’ll have an amazing, healthy relationship with money and in the flow of it.


– Typically 16 x 60 minute coaching calls with me via zoom (free),

These are powerful sessions, super informal and relaxed but leave you buzzed and truly focused.

– PDF / workbooks, exercises & mindset tools for life

These open your mind up, give you steps for momentum, energy and drive to move you forward constantly.

– Unlimited facebook/voice note messaging throughout.

This is mega valuable. I’m there to support you every day with decisions, motivation, energy, support and more because let’s face it, real life happens outside our weekly calls, so this feature turbo charges your results.

There will be panics, tears, leaps of faith and giant wins!


*A welcome Soul Box to include a LOA journal + more…

* Free lifetime access to The Lifestyle Club membership site which has;

-Monthly masterclasses

– Guest speakers

– A powerful tools section of all my and lifestyle resources

Here’s how your life will look radically different after we work together;

You’ll have an insane buzz for life, be able to hook in your desires and bring them into your life. Find your passion that gives your life meaning and lights you up inside, you will be guided by your alignment and towards your future desires. You’ll beam with confidence to go after what you want, trusting your qualities, abilities and judgement. You’ll have a healthy love and respect for yourself, strong connection and understanding of how things work around you and for you. a purpose to build a business from, where you can earn money from doing what you love. You will feel financially independent, free and successful!

People will be in ore of your change, your discipline, your drive, then as the physical lifestyle appears they’ll want to know how you’re doing it and what you did.



or 4 installments of £1300

(other options available)


Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses. If you’ve got more questions don’t hesitate to get in touch, the initial chat is completely free so you can talk over the process and we can see if we are a fit, just pop an email to

FAQ; I am nervous to invest the money – Let’s be honest, decisions to work with a coach usually rest purely on money or we would all have a series of coaches for every area of our life!

So, let’s assume there is either a ‘lack’ of money for you somewhere or worry around getting into debt and this can be a scary as hell investment, right?

Here’s the thing…

If you learn how to increase your money flow, you would solve the money ‘worries’, yes?

Ahhhhh, I have you thinking….

If you don’t work on yourself, how will you get yourself to the point where you get more money flow in? Money is linked to confidence, independence, self belief and a lot of the time we have to make leaps of faith to change our current situation.

The majority of people don’t have a cool £5k sitting aside waiting for a coach or don’t want to dip into their resources. I, along with many of my clients, lean on credit cards to ease the payments, now look where I am and they are? (see client love).

Loans and credit cards are an incredible way to move yourself forward when the time is right, in an affordable way. You can spread payments out into bite sized chunks and not miss out on opportunities in life that will take you forward and fulfil your life.

“Thanks Barclaycard, without you I would still be an employee, wracked with insecurities and still playing it small and unhappy”…

FAQ; How does this process work for me and how quickly will I see results? Oh darling you will see results immediately, it’s a process you go through and off the bat you see results. You get back what you put in, the more you work at it, focus on it, prioritise it, the better it will be. I like to give you the feel good, results factor quickly. From our first call and on every call you will see progress. Each week we speak its motivating, focused on driving you forward, building you up, developing your mentality and clarifying what it is you really want. You have to take action on things to move forward, you have to break old habits and cycles, sometimes this will scare and challenge you but it’s SO FRICKING REWARDING when you’re out the other side of it, this is what moves you forward and I’ve got your back, I’m like the cheer leader in your corner pushing you and I’ve walked this talk myself 🙂 

FAQ; Do I have to have anything already? Yes,

1) you need to have a basic awareness in the law of attraction and a want to develop it and your inner connection generally.

2) You have to WANT it bad. Women I work with are ready to delve in and create a life they love.

Let’s talk!

If you want to book a call, its free, and we can talk about how coaching can work for you, just book a time in my calendar, or, you can send me an email below…

Lucy xxx

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